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We provide information about 3 of the long trails of America's National Scenic Trails System; The Appalachian Trail (AT), The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and The Continental Divide Trail (CDT). To see information about the Pacific Crest Trail, scroll down. This is a very large site; to see our site map click here .

"To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom"

Photo By David Mauldin

Looking North Toward Mather Pass

My PCT Video at YouTube

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Trail Conditions
Current Trail Conditions Page at PCTA Site

Brawny's Teepee
About 100 Square Feet Of Space; Under 3 Pounds

Ultralight Backpacking
Brawny's Techniques, Gear & Opinions

Brawny's 3 Ounce 2002 AT Cooking Gear
Stove, Pot Support, Windscreen, Pot & Lid, Bowl & Cup

Hygiene & Sanitation While Hiking
Reducing Body Odor & Staying Healthy

Ultralight Side-Burner Alcohol Soda Can Stove
No Pot Support Needed

Rainmaker's Hiking Mechanics
Methods I Use To Keep Hiking

Homemade One Ounce Camp Sandals (And Modified Socks)
Instructions & Photos

Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick-Off

Brawny's 9 Ounce Silnylon Backpack
Photos & Information

Baking With The Soda Can Stove
Photos, Instructions & Recipes On-Line

1/4 Ounce Adjustable Simmer Attachment For Soda Can Stove
Easy Instructions On-Line

Rainmaker's 2001 PCT Cooking Gear
Photos & Information

One Ounce Pot Support For Soda Can Stove
Complete Instructions On-Line

Photo Albums PCT Desert Hiking
PCT Map PCT Border To Border Hiking
Bears & Us PCT Wildflowers PCT Weather Info
Gear Reviews Ultralight Backpacking Book / Video Reviews
Trail Food
Web Cams Hiking Mechanics Alternative Gear
Sierra Bear Box Info Snakes & Us PCT Wildlife
Trail Humor Hygiene & Sanitation Women's Site

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