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Piedmont Regulators Wild Bunch Information

We plan to hold Wild Bunch matches on the second Sunday of each month whenever possible. However, since shooting is not allowed at our range before noon on Sundays, we will not schedule Wild Bunch matches during the summer.

Shooters are expected to be familiar with and follow all SASS Wild Bunch rules. To see the SASS Wild Bunch Action Shooting Handbook click here .

Registration begins at 11:00 a.m. and the safety briefing is at noon. We will shoot 4 stages without a break. We will offer both Wild Bunch and "Mild Bunch". Shooters must have a Model 1911 pistol, SASS legal rifle and a Model 12 or Model 1897 shotgun.

"Mild Bunch" scores will not be counted with Wild Bunch shooters.

Cost of the matches is $10 for members, and $15 for non-members.


"Mild Bunch" is defined as shooting a Wild Bunch gun that is outside the parameters defined by standard SASS Wild Bunch rules. If your gear matches these elements, you are shooting "Mild Bunch". The Piedmont Regulators will allow the following:

1911 Pistol:
A 1911 pattern pistol is required.
Caliber must be centerfire, 9mm or larger.
Lead bullets only.
No base pads are permitted on the magazines.
Magazines are loaded to a maximum of 7 rounds.

A centerfire SASS Legal rifle is required, but calibers sub .40 caliber may be used (such as .38 or .32).

A Wild Bunch legal shotgun must be used (Winchester Model 1897 or Model 12).

To see scores from our previous matches click here .

Eye and ear protection are required and only registered shooters may wear firearms.

Come play with us soon!