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Continental Divide Trail Planning

Photo by David Mauldin

This page was created by and is maintained by David "Rainmaker" Mauldin. To contact me, use the email link at the bottom of the page.

Sly hiked the CDT in 2002, and posted this information previously on CDT-L. It has been reproduced here with his permission. He also completed the AT in 1998 and the PCT in 2000, and he has agreed to answer questions for future CDT hikers. He can be reached at . - Here you can read everything that's ever been written on the CDT-L since day one. Jim and Ginny Owen put together a series of posts that are most helpful, click on the year 2000 to find their series posts. - This is your next stop. The Continental Divide Trail Society is the "hikers" organization, where you can order maps and the CDTS guidebooks, compiled by Jim Wolf and other society members. I'm sure you probably know already, but the CDT is unlike the AT or PCT since it not a completed trail. There is no singular path from Mexico to Canada, or visa versa, and you're free to walk where you choose, not including private property, of course. The CDTS route, although not "official" in many places, is generally considered the most scenic with the least amount of paved road walking. Jim Wolf has been dedicated to the trail for the last 25 years and was instrumental in making the CDT a national scenic trail. - An upstart, has been around about 7 years. They work closely with the government organizations such as the US Forest Service to put a trail in place where there isn't any. Perhaps more politically correct, hikers aren't their only interest. They offer a series of "official" guidebooks that aren't worth much unless you like heavy paper and pretty pictures. However, there is lots info on their website that you may find useful including a list of land management agencies. - Jonathan Ley hiked the trail in 2001 and offers a complete set of printable maps on compact disc. These maps are the best things to hit the planet, although you may want to back them up in certain areas with TI, FS, BLM or USGS maps. Also, his journal is one of the best I've ever read on any trail and is a must read. - The BLM CDT Wyoming website with a list of important water sources where there isn't any. - Tom Bombaci's page is an important resource for New Mexico.

In addition, links are shown below (at CDT-L Archives) for articles written by Jim & Ginny Owen:


Towns: (Follow the thread for additional hiker input.)

Mileage / Town Guide:

Planning, Learning, Doing:

CDT Hikers' Journals, Photos, Web Sites:

  • Blisterfree's New Mexico Journal
  • Mark Porter's & James McCreight's 2003 CDT Hike
  • Blisterfree's CDT Photos
  • Stephen Martin's CDT Photos
  • Rainmaker's 2003 CDT Hike (Copper Mtn. - Durango)
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  • Ken & Marcia Powers 2002 CDT Hike
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  • Annie's & The Salesman 2002 CDT Journal (Ann & Larry McDuff)
  • Anneliese's 2002 CDT Hike
  • Fiddlehead & Pieps 2002 Hike
  • Jonathan Ley's 2001 CDT Hike
  • Brian Robinson's 2001 Calendar Triple Crown

    Arranging Transportation:

  • Greyhound Bus Lines
  • Amtrak Trains

    Water / Snow Levels:

  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Montana / Idaho

    Permits & Backcountry Regulations:

  • Glacier National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Rocky Mountain National Park

    Other Sites:

  • CDT Resupply Addresses - (Furnished by Doug Walsh)
  • Essay on Long Distance Hiking by Wayfaring Bern
  • Kam & Miracle Mike's Resupply Info at CDT-L Archives
  • Trail Town Websites
  • Triple Crown List at ALDHA West
  • Web Cams Near The CDT
  • CDT Maps By State
  • CDT Weather (For Towns Near Trail)
  • Excellent Article About Giardia

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